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Trend Agency Move digital Trend Movement AW 22/23 - ECSTASY, a new state of mind

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A brand-new AW 22/23 trend book for all the creatives designers, who dare to choose for a certain lifestyle.

This season it’s all about changing perception.

The Dutch trendwatching agency Trend Agency Move has launched a new book “Trend Movement AW2022/2023”. This fourth book of the company has one specific theme for the season: “ECSTASY, a new state of mind”. 

The worldwide pandemic has a huge impact on every individual. Loneliness was already a big issue before the corona virus changed the world in a split second. As a result anxiety is taking over people’s lives. For many humans the virus feels like a dark pillow that covers our blue planet.

Besides these developments there are more issues we need to cope with nowadays. We start to see that the current capitalistic viewpoint is a threat to climate policy and also to our mental health, think about the increasing burnouts. Besides, equality between everyone is the new ideal common vision. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, or if you even want to specify your gender.


After a year of stillness, loneliness and anxiety, we want to colour-up our lives again, to wipe away the dark year. This is why the answers of the design world are very clear: fun, fantasy and love. We are more than ready to enter a state of ecstasy.


This trend book Trend Movement AW2022/2023 explains the leading trends on a societal, consumer, market and design-level. The publications offer trend insights that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way. It explains the societal trends, offers conceptual ideas and translates these into colours and shapes that offer inspiration for product development and design, in several industries. It is a guide for designers, creative directors, and brand strategists to create a meaningful future.

Again the book is digital, and you will receive a unique download code. It contains five trend-chapters and also colour cards that contain seasonal colours.

The digital book also cantains 30 Pantone Strips for all 5 themes. They will be physically sent to you in a box. Remember to enter the correct delivery address

The consumer, market, and design trends are spotted by trendwatcher Renske Mennen.