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Trend Agency Move digital Trend Movement SS 22 – Space

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Trend Agency Move digital Trend Movement SS22 – Space
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Trend Agency Move digital trendbook SS22 – Space

A brand-new trend book Trend Movement SS 2022, for all the creatives designers, who dare to choose for a certain lifestyle.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus, has forced the whole world to slow down. The concept of the spaces we’re living in, will change dramatically. This trend book will give insight into our common future, and is a guide for designers, marketers and brand strategists to create a meaningful future. The book contains six trend-chapters and also colour cards that contain seasonal colours. The consumer, market, and design trends are spotted by trendwatcher Renske Mennen.

Trend Agency Move has launched this new book “Trend Movement SS2022” who is the third book of the company. The theme for the season: “SPACE, With or Without Nature”. The title refers to different topics. The first reference is toward the space we have on Planet Earth. Are we choosing to live with or without nature? If we choose to live with nature, there is still an option that it will be on Planet Earth. The question is: how? SPACE is also referring to the body everyone is carrying around for a whole lifetime.

Rebels are occupying mental spaces for freedom and acceptance. Besides, the cyborg is not just around the corner anymore. It is in us: we are cyborgs. The assembly of human and technology creates mystical spaces that are undiscovered. If we choose to live without nature, there is only one option left: the space called Universe. Will the homo sapiens move to Mars with everything it has learned and created on Earth?

Personal note from trendwatcher Renske Mennen: “I’m proudly presenting my third and brand-new trend book Trend Movement SS2022. This trend book is created for all the creatives out there, who dare to choose for a certain lifestyle. For all the designers, marketers and brand strategists who are reading this, I have a message. If you know who you are, if you wish to add value with your work to Planet Earth and if you are confident enough to make a choice about the message you’re communicating with the World, then this trend book is written for you. Because, then we are communicating on the same level.


The cover photo is a design by Iris van Rens.

The text edit is done by Richard Todd.

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