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Trend sociology v. 2.0 English version

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Trend sociology v. 2.0. English version 

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This book provides a glimpse into the theory, methods and models used in trend forecasting so that anyone can become wiser. The book is number four in a series of books published by pej gruppen on trend research, also known as trend sociology and is written by trend forecaster Louise Byg Kongsholm and trend spotter Cathrine Gro Frederiksen.

What is the purpose of the book?
The purpose is to demystify the concept of trend sociology and to give a specific and thorough introduction to the actual concept of trend, remove some of the ambiguity and debunk the myths. After reading the book, you should be able to understand the big picture of changes in society, and also be able to zoom in on the specific trend types and their content, meaning and effect within various industries. The purpose of the book is also to give the reader a series of specific instructions for processes, methods and tools.

What’s in the book?
This book is the dissemination of knowledge and experience from how to view contexts, lines and movements in the world, a society and a culture in transition. The content is a constructive mix of history, theory, method, and practice that is the result of almost forty years of work with practical trend and development projects, lifestyle research and, dissemination. The book’s methods and toolbox allow the reader to understand the big and small changes, as it provides a guide towards specific ways of thinking, concepts, techniques, and practices that can form the basis for practical work with changes and trends.

Who can read the book?
The content is of a broad nature, and everyone can read it who works with and/or has an interest in trends and modern consumer behaviour. The material is a refractive field between theory and practice and seasoned with copious amounts of experience. The aim is to enable the reader to tackle the concept of trend, theoretical as well as practical, and answer the following questions: How does a trend emerge? Why does a trend emerge? What is a trend? What can a trend be used for? And how do you identify and respond to it?

The book is also available in danish here